New! Chopin Now Supports More Currencies (plus Other New Features)

2021-02-01 • 4 min read

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As we see a greater number of Chopin sign-ups are from outside of the U.S., we are expanding our functionalities to better address their business needs.

These exciting updates include:

  1. Support Local Currency
  2. Add Twitter and WhatsApp as Contacts
  3. Add Collect on Delivery as a Payment Method

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Local Currency ¶

Chopin store’s default currency is USD ($). Now you can sell your products in your local currency. In addition to change the symbol of the currency unit on website and in confirmation emails, the currency unit will also be reflected on your integrated payment methods.

Key to Appeal Local Consumers ¶

Doesn’t matter where you operate your business from, you need to localize your e-commerce website and create a shopping experience that appeals to customers in that targeted region.

A clear majority (more than 70% of shoppers in Australia, UK, and Canada) prefers to make purchases from local websites. While they might find products on a USD-only website, these consumers search similar products on an alternative, locally priced website to make their purchase. —Local Currency Pricing for E-Commerce, Penton Research and E4X

Seeing products in their own currency helps customers to understand the pricing and know what to expect during the payment process. With Chopin’s ability to display products in various languages, currency localization helps you to reach customers in your region. Start locally pricing our products today!

How to Change Currency? ¶

  1. Go to Chopin app.
  2. Scroll down and expand the Order Settings tab.
  3. In the Store Currency dropdown, choose your desired currency code.
  4. Click (save sign) to save your updates.

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Twitter and WhatsApp ¶

Twitter and Whatsapp are now available as social media plug-ins on your Chopin store, along with other existing contact methods (Facebook Page, Instagram, Line, Phone Number).

Effective Customer Communication ¶

There are different ways to market your product/service and communicate with customers. As an e-commerce business, you should put in the effort to communicate the way the customers prefer. Research what are your target audience’s favorite channels of communication and enable them on your Chopin store.


Everything from website to social media constitutes your messaging to your audience. You have to create consistent contents along with clear product/service information in order to build the trust between you and customers. So they feel the confidence to make a purchase and expect delivery later.

When it comes to social media marketing, many people immediately think of Facebook Page, Group, or Instagram. In fact, Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for your business too, given it’s optimized for contant and mutual engagement with your followers. Frequent posting is not considered spamming and retweet/mention/respond are always very welcomed.


After paying for the products, customers might have questions relate to shipping timeline, how to use the product, or even how to buy add-ons.

Doing the customer service right can help you develop repeating customers. You need to make multiple communication tools available so the customers can choose the format they are most accustomed to using. Some clients might like to talk to real person and obtain instand response, while some people prefer to use email to avoid waiting time.

Let’s take this scenario to global comparison. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that is extremely popular in India and Brazil, while SMS (aka texting) is still favored by people in the U.S., where texting fee is included in most mobile plans.

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How to Update Contact Methods? ¶

  1. Go to Chopin app.
  2. Scroll down and expand the Contact Information tab.
  3. Select Twitter and enter your twitter handle (eg. apiobuild); or select Whatsapp and enter your whatsapp number (eg. 12121234567).
  4. Click (plus sign) to add new information.
  5. Click (save sign) to save your updates.

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Collect on Delivery ¶

Collect on Delivery (sometimes called Cash on Delivery) is a service provided by parcel couriers that allows senders collect payment on delivery rather than in advance.

Now it’s available as one of the payment options.

How to Add COD as a Payment Method? ¶

  1. Go to Chopin app.
  2. Scroll down and expand the Payment Method tab.
  3. Check Collect on Delivery box.
  4. Click (save sign) to save your updates.

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More Features ¶

Consumers respond better to a personailzed approach. Let apio help you build an online store that’s customized to your customers tastes. Learn more about what apio offers in docs.

We are always happy to work with our users to make apio a better platform. Feel free to send us feature requests through email or facebook messenger!

🌳 Happy growing business!

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