Contact Information

Chopin works out of box without any further configuration. However, for those who'd like to add custom rules and business automations, we've made it easy to add customization and localization to work with businesses from all over the world.

Contact Information


The email address is default to the email you used to sign into Telescope. The email address is also used to send order confirmation emails. You can update to a different email.

How to Configure Order Confirmation Email →


Full url to your facebook page or group (eg. )


Instagram handle without @, not the full url (eg. apiobuild)


url to your LINE account or LINE group.

Phone Number

Start with country code (US: +1) and without dash nor parenthesis (eg. +17181234567).

Twitter NEW

Twitter handle without @ (eg. apiobuild).

WhatsApp NEW

WhatsApp number with country code and without dash, +, nor parenthesis (eg. 12121234567).