Email Confirmation

With post-it, you could add automated email order confirmation to Chopin store with any gmail account.

Post-It Permission

Go to Post-It (apio's communication automation service) to authorize the Gmail account you’d like to send confirmation emails from. This app requires you to grant us permission to send emails on your behalf.

  • Click View Emails and then (plus sign) to add a Gmail
  • Log in to your Google account
  • Click Allow to grant apio access to send email on your behalf

Custom Email Messages

Go to Order Settings section in Chopin app to finish setting up custom email messages.

No worries if you don’t want to change subject line or don’t have any custom message to add! The default wording already includes your store name, order number, the total amount, and payment instructions from Payment Method fields.

Send Order Confirmation

Enable this feature to send an automated email order confirmation after the customer place an order.

Order Confirmation Email Subject

Customize the subject of order confirmation email. Use <store_name> and <order_number> to show the name of your store and the order number.


Default subject line is “Your Order from <store_name> [<order_number>]”.

“🎁 <store_name> has a surprise for you! Order number: <order_number>” will look like this:

Configure Custom Email Messaging

  • Field: We currently only support custom email based on different payment methods
  • Field Value: Choose the payment method that will apply this custom message
  • Email Message: Customize the content to replace default payment instruction in confirmation emails
    • Use <total> to indicate the total amount
    • Use <method> to indicate the applied payment method
    • Use <handle> to indicate the account information (handle,id, or phone number) of applied payment method
    • To recreate PayPal.Me link that automatically plug in the order total amount, use the following: []({{ .Handler }}/{{ .NumericTotal }})


Default message when people choose to pay with Zelle:

When I update the custom message to “We’re getting your cookies ready to be shipped, but not until you pay <handle> <total> via <method>. Don’t worry, reheat instruction will be included in the package!”

The Email will look like this: