What's Chopin

Chopin is an e-commerce app that creates online stores with Google Sheets and Gmail. The app is created seeing small merchants collecting orders with Google Forms. Chopin offers a better experience for both the shoppers and the merchants without introducing unnecessary complexity.

Chopin by apio is a lightweight online store creator serveing lightweight online store web app with basic information and two Google Sheets (one for catalog and one for order).


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Use Case

There are many online store builders you can choose from. While the basic plan can be as low as $18 per month, these costs can add up quickly as the business grow. You’re already paying a lot of startup costs: web-hosting, domain name, email marketing, why add more monthly fees to your overhead?

To better serve different business models and needs, these services strive for developing as many features as possible. The options available on the settings page and the enormous plug-ins sometimes can be quite intimidating to a new user.

Chopin gives you the best from both world. Enjoy the Simplicity and Ultimate Freedom. Our out-of-box option allows you to set up your store with just a couple of clicks. We have plans to open source our app codebase and allow anyone to contribute and create new layouts. Let us take care of the security, deployment, monitoring, so you can focus on the most important components that helps you grow your business - products and services.

Whether you are:

  • small business owners
  • collecting group orders among friends
  • selling creative services or virtual products

Let Chopin help you get started.

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At apio , we believe that quality software should be accessible and affordable. Chopin is a FREE solution for small business owners. We operate on revenue from ads shown on your store. If you’re looking for an ads-free store with more powerful features, we also offer Basic Plan for as low as $10 per month.

Use Google Sheets

Chopin made creating your own store as easy as filling out a simple survey. You only need to provide your logo, basic information about your store, two google sheets: one with product catalog and one to collect orders. That’s, it, your online store is ready to go!

No code required, use the interface everyone’s familiar - Google Sheet. You can add new items by simply adding a new row in your google sheet and the store will update in real-time. Have you ever thought updating a website can be so easy?

When user submits an order, you will immediately see google sheet updated with order details. Check out the store yourself now .

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Responsive Design

Chopin’s design is tested on a variety of devices and screen sizes and we work constantly with our analysts and designers to improve online shoping experience. Your customers will be able to place orders on their phones, tablets, or laptops.


The website is easily customizable. You can create online store that aligns with your brand by providing logo, store description, background color, and background image in Chopin app . We have plans to open source our app codebase and allow anyone to contribute and create new layouts and functionality.


We welcome third-party integrations and don’t want to tie you down with only the services we offer. While we offer various microservices and APIs through Telescope , we’re more than happy to help you integrate other APIs to other service providers.

You can group products into categories, and customers can filter products by category directly from the menu. We also support multiple categories per product. For example, you can set up a “Featured” collection to highlight popular items on the top and still show it in other categories so customers can locate any items easily.

For merchants with thousands of products, the chopin store is built-in with search feature that allows customers to search product fast and easy.

Manage Inventory

Set a maximum quantity (per customer) for products in the catalog google sheet for better inventory management. Once the customer’s selection reaches the maximum, the system will show the limitation or out of stock message. which is also customizable. You can change it to “Coming Soon” or “Back in Stock Next Spring.”

Chopin store is capable of advanced inventory management too! Contact us to learn more.

Payment Integration

Chopin currently offers Stripe for your customers to pay through credit cards. Integrating digital payments allows Chopin to verify the transactions in realtime and post the result to Google Sheets, so you don’t have to manually confirm each payment or check the amount totals.

You can also provide your Zelle , Venmo , or PayPal.Me account information as manual payment options. While these manual transactions can’t be verified automatically, we will record customers' payment method in the google sheet.

Shipping and Discount Options

Depending on where your business is registered, the tax rate can be set by you. You can also set up shipping rules, including different destinations with different amounts and a free shipping minimum.

Chopin also supports discount function, and you can offer percentage discount or dollar value off for all of your products or just for certain categories.


All Chopin generated sites are SSL certified and meet the highest security standard. Any sensitive data (email addresses, phone number, names etc.) are encrypted and protected from unauthorized users. This feature doesn’t just protect customers, it’s also the required for many third-party services gateways (i.e. Stripe , Square , PayPal ).

Communicate with Customers

There are many communication channels designed for you and your customers to create a flawless interaction experience. Chopin enables social plug-ins so your customers can easily reach you via Phone, Email, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and more.

You also have the option to add announcement to broadcast important updates or discount information.

Each success order comes with a confirmation email sent directly from your Gmail account (opt-in required). Your customers can contact you regarding order details, payment confirmation, or cancelation.

You can also add Facebook messenger chat to your store, where you can provide instant automated answers and enhance customer experience. Like what we do on our website at the bottom right corner.


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Happy Selling! 💰