Manage Order

All transaction records will show on your Order Google Sheet. This page will show you how to understand your order data. You can easily view, organize, and analyze your data within Google Sheets.

Order Google Sheet

When creating your Chopin store, you already copied the title row to you Order Google Sheet. If we roll out new features or you add new custom fields, the new columns will be created automatically.

Feel free to change the order and move columns around. You can even hide the columns you don’t want to see. However, the order_number cell should always be on A1.

A successful order

Each order consists of multiple rows:

  • 1st row: The first row includes everything but the product details .
  • 2nd ~ Nth rows: The next few rows display only the purchased product(s) details .
    • Each product gets its own row.
    • N = How many unique products your customers buy.
  • (N+1)th row: When there’re additional events happened (i.e. payment method changed, credit card failed), you will see additional rows posted with only payment details .

The order_number and order_number_short will appear on all the rows that belong to the same order.

Basic Order Information

  • order_number: A unique order number for your reference, as sometimes the short order number can be duplicated.
  • order_number_short: A 8-digit shorter order number that shows up on order confirmation page and emails.
  • order_created: When the order is placed in customer’s local time.
  • order_created_tz: The customer’s local timezone.
  • order_created_sys: When the order is placed in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
  • store_id: The store id where the order is placed. You can use same order sheet for multiple Chopin stores.

Customer Details

  • user_name: Customer’s name.
  • user_email: Customer’s email.
  • user_phone: Customer’s phone number.
  • user_address: Custome’s shipping address.

Order Details

  • order_subtotal: Order subtotal that doesn’t include shipping costs and discounts.
  • order_shipping_option: Shipping option selected by customer.
  • order_shipping: Shipping cost applied to the order.
  • order_tax_rate: Tax rate applied to the order.
  • order_tax: Tax amount.
  • order_total: Order total that your customer should pay.

Product Details

Payment Details

  • payment_method: Payment method used for the order.
  • event_created: When the event is created in UTC time.
  • order_created_sys: When the order is created in UTC time.
  • order_discount: Discount amount applied to the order.
  • event_type: Event indicates different stages of the order, i.e. order_submitted, payment_submitted, etc.
  • event_description: Detailed description of the event.
  • payment_tracking_id: Stripe payment id that you can cross-refer in your Stripe account.
  • error: Error message for why the Stripe transaction failed. i.e. wrong cvc code, rejected card, etc.

Custom Fields

If you collect additional information by setting up the custom user input , you will see additional columns pops up automatically.

Event Type

Below is a lists of event types you’ll see on your Order Google Sheet. You can also find explanation in event_description column next to event type.

  • order_submitted: Customer submitted the order but payment has not yet submitted.
  • payment_method_updated: Customer has updated their payment method.
  • payment_submitted: Customer submitted the order and online payment successfully. This event only applies if you enable Stripe payments.
  • payment_failed: Stripe can’t process this payment. Check what went wrong in error column.
  • require_action: Customer submitted the order but requires further action to verify payment (only applicable to credit cards that require 3-D secure , mostly for EU users).