Multi Option Products

We support multi option products. To configure, simply add a few more columns on the catalog google sheet.

This is especially helpful if you are selling:

  • Clothes with different colors and sizes
  • Food with different flavors
  • Crafts with different patterns
  • Events with different dates

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To configure multi option products, simply add the following columns to the catalog google sheet:

  • option:name
  • option:size
  • option:flavor
  • option:color

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Supported Option Display

There are 3 multi option display styles and you can configure up to 2:

option:size option:flavor option:color
Appearance Rectanglur Boxes Drop-Down Menu Color Circles
Field Value Custom Text Custom Text HTML Color Name


This field doesn’t have to be sizes (S, M, L or 5.5, 6, 6.5), it can also be different styles. The text you put in to the cell will appear in a squared box.

option:size can be in any languages other than English, but cannot contain spaces. Dashes (-) is fine.


Same as above, this field doesn’t have to be flavors. The text you put in to the cell will appear below the product image as drop-down menu.

option:flavor can be in anylanguages other than English, but cannot contain spaces. Dashes (-) is fine.


There are two ways to indicate your product color, which will apprear in a circle.

  1. Color Name: Just enter a color (i.e. red, blue, black, etc.). You can refer to this list to find names for specific colors (i.e. lightskyblue, olive, and more).

  2. Hex Code: Enter the 6-digit code with # sign. For example, #556B2F for olive.

Group Products Together

You also need to update option:name column to indicate which products belong to the same group.


Group the same products together by setting the same value in option:name.

For example, a dress comes with two colors - white and yellow. The option:name fields for these two rows have to be the same, which are dress, so the app can identify these two products are actually two options of the same product.

An Example

Let’s say you are selling a wool coat that comes with two colors (pink, blue) and three sizes (S, M, L) for each color. We will need to create 6 rows of products (2 * 3 = 6):

  • Pink Coat in S size
  • Pink Coat in M size
  • Pink Coat in L size
  • Blue Coat in S size
  • Blue Coat in M size
  • Blue Coat in L size


All these products should have a unique name a.k.a product id, so we will use the naming pattern: coat-<color>-<size>. You can also use sku numbers.


We’d like the product title changes to the coresponding color when customer taps different color options. We are using “Wool Coat Pink” in the nickname field for all sizes of pink coats, and “Wool Coat Blue” for all sizes of blue coats.


There are three sizes available for each color, so we are adding “S, M, L” for the option:size field of both pink and blue coats.


We’ll put “blue” in the option:color fields for all blue coats and “pink” for all pink coats.


In order to group these six product as they are actually one product with six options. We’ll put “coat” in the option:name field six rows.

Now you can see different style and sizing for this wool coat on the store!


With Chopin, it’s really easy to manage thousands of products in Google Sheet. You might want to add product variants in bulk or duplicate it from exiting variants. You don’t need to follow complex instructions, just copy and paste the data in your desired way!

Happy Adding More Products! 💰