Product Configuration

Copy and paste product catalog from your existing system or simply edit the catalog google sheet to start adding product to your store. Store will update in real-time with the catalog google sheet.

By default, your store would look like below. We are pretty sure you’re not selling Cool Cat and Funny Cat. To add and update products, go to catalog google sheet.

Edit product details by updating the following fields on the catalog google sheet:


Unique name/id starts with any alphabet and contains only dashes (-), underscores (_), and alphanumeric are allowed for each product. No spaces.


Product names that will appear on the store page, they can be any language, symbol, and even emoji 🤩.

description (optional)

More information about the product. Styling with markdown is supported.


url of the product image(s). Multiple image urls can be separated by comma (,).


Product price, no need to enter “$” (dollar sign).

max_qty (optional)

Maximum quantity that one customer can buy. If max_qty = 0, it will show ‘Coming Soon’

category (optional)

To allow customer to filter products. Multiple categories can be separated by comma (,).


Enter “x” (or any other characters), this product will not appear on your store.


Enter “x” (or any other characters), sales tax won’t apply to this product.