What's Waitress

Waitress provides simple CRUD (create, read, update, delete) interface on Google Sheets API. It wraps complex Google API authorization and Google Sheets read/insert APIs into apio platform's email based tokens and conventional CRUD method endpoint.

Waitress by apio allows users to quickly prototype complex APIs and use Google Sheets as a lightweight (and FREE) document store for your applications.

Use Case

Collect Email Signup

On apiobuild.com , we’ve also leveraged Waitress as a way to collect emails.

The functionality is integrated directly on Goldfish (One Page Website Creator) to allow Goldfish users to collect emails to google sheets on their one page websites.

Send Batch Personalized Email

At apio, we use Waitress with Post-it to send personalized emails to our customers for service updates.

Backend API Database

Waitress can also replace lightweight document store for backend and frontend applications.

For example, the app tiles on Telescope is actually served from a Google Sheets through Waitress.

Another great example is Waitress’s integration with Chopin. Chopin store can read and update catalog and shopper’s order from/to Google Sheets in realtime via Waitress.

This has save us from a lot of deployment headache and database infrastructure costs when prototyping new web app.

One of the very powerful usage we’ve discovered overtime is the ability to combine App Script along with other Google Sheets' built-in functions to mock complex API behavior that could sometimes takes weeks if not months to implement even for developers.

A great example is that we have helped our Chopin users to setup complex rules and functions to manage inventory. This type of backend customizations will usually takes months of development time. Both App Script and Google Sheets' built-in function have made experimenting with different business rules a lot quicker and easier.


Thought of more use cases but not sure how to use it? Drop us a message → .