Empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to build software fast and easy.
Why onboard complex platform for a fraction of functionality? Our app is designed to be simple and modular.
Free to start. Usage based pricing. Only pay for what you need.
Bring your own APIs. No more platform lock in. We welcome third party APIs.
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Create beautiful online store in 30 seconds.
With Google Sheets and Gmail.

Featured App


One page website in a few click.
Email Signup pre-configured.




For small businesses to validate ideas with our business starter tools.
  • Up to 5000 API requests per month
  • Up to 100 products on Chopin
  • Product recommendations (Ads) on Chopin
  • Limit to 1 Goldfish site


+ $1/1000 requests
For growing businesses to provide optimized customer experience with our automation solutions.
  • First 5000 API requests included
  • No Ads on Chopin
  • Custom Chopin Store URL
  • Stripe payment integration
  • Unlimited Goldfish sites
  • Priority Support

Let's talk!

Build custom business software solutions at scale.
  • Custom automation and integration plan
  • Tech and product support in the ideation and implementation process
  • Subscription pricing and continued support in production
  • Whitelabel service available


Lulu Cheng

Software Developer with too much time on her hand

Yu Chien Liu

Everything but engineering with no time on her hand.

Andrew Su

Front-End Developer and Web Designer. I make dream come alive in browser.

Wanjou Lu

Graphic Designer who has two cats, eight chicks, two ducks and a dog that bites.

Anni Hsu

Data Analyst who is allergic to her own cat.